Dave Volek's Inventions

I have been creating inventions since 1996, I take an interesting idea in education and social engineering, develop it to a "textbook" stage, put it on the internet, and see what happens. This website is a collection of my inventions.

CONSULTATION WORKSHOP: Learn the tools for consultative decisions.

SPOLU: A new model for business

PANDEMIC SIMULATOR: Roleplay decision makers managing a pandemic

TIERED DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE: A kinder, wiser democracy

DAVE VOLEK's BUSINESS ENGLISH: A new way of teaching business English

DAVE VOLEK'S FOOD CHAIN: Roleplay a biologist managing a nature preserve.

DVO ADVERTISING: An internet advertising broker that gives more control to publishers and advertisers.

CONSENSUS: A co-operative social media outlet, run by the members.

OILFINANCIER: A simulation for petroleum economics

UNIT BASED CURRICULUM: Moving beyond the factory model of education

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