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To contact the inventor, send an email at Remove the three f's, which is our spam control.

However, here are some answers to anticipated questions:

1) The actual simulation for Food Chain is not working. If there is interest, we will repair it. Send us an email.

2) DVOA is not selling the software or ad spots at this time. Today, it is just a concept.

3) Consensus and OilFinancier are only concepts at this time. Nothing is operational here.

4) Yes, DVBE is free-use material for business English classrooms. No formal permission required.

5) Tiered Democratic Governance and Pandemic Simulator have their own websites. These websites are operational.

6) Spolu is, at this time, just a book on the internet. It is also published on Medium.

7) My next plans are to put a simpler simulation for OilFinancier. Or I might introduce a new simulation, called "The Chemical Trader," where students use chemistry in a competition.

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