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DVOA (Dave Volek's Online Advertising) was prepared in 2010. I was using Google Ads on my TDG website. I was frustrated with this ad broker. The revenues were too low to justify the placement of ads that just did not fit with my website.

With DVOA, I could put ads that fit with my website. If I didn't have "paying ads," I could use the sections of my website to advertise for each other.

I had set up DVOA such that another HTML developer could put it on other websites. I would sell this software to the publishers, who would use their own developer and find his/her own advertisers. This software is no longer applicable.

I still think the DVOA concept is sound. There is too much tacky advertising on the internet. Publishers would like more control

Contact me if you would like to further this idea. My email is fffdavevolekpublishing@gmail.com. Remove the three f's (spam control).

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