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In this simulation, you'll put your skills in petroleum economics to the test. You will be cast as a petroleum financier, competing with other financiers to acquire and manage oil properties. Every calendar week, you'll have at least seven financial decisions that should require some grinding out of the numbers to find value for oil properties.

To participate efficiently, you should develop some spreadsheets to help you find the reasonable value as various oil properties come up for sale. If you have a good spreadsheet, just plug in the appropriate numbers to get your value for those properties. If you win the bid, then you have gained an oil property for a reasonable price. If you lose the bid, then hopefully your competitors have spent too much money and you need only wait until they run out of money as they make more bad investments. If your spreadsheet is well designed, you should win the seminar!

Winning is great, but gaining experience and learning from consequences of your good and bad decisions is most important. Your participation in OilFinancier will enhance your professional career for many years. Take advantage of this great learning opportunity.

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