DVOA on davevolekinventions.org

This section of my website has my invention of replacing western democracy with another system of elected government. This is a heavy topic—and visitors interested in it may not be accepting of any advertising. So I need to be cautious about putting up DVOA ad units. Here are the thoughts to my design for this section of my website.

  1. I kept the ads small: 200 × 80
  2. I put the ads at the bottom of the text, which means they are often “below the fold.” The reader does not see the ads until he or she reaches the bottom of the page. In other words, the reader is engaged with the topic, then the ads are shown to the reader
  3. While there are 30 ad spots in this ad pool, only 15 are for sale. The other 15 ad spots are occupied by a TDG graphic. With half the ads looking like the rest of the webpage, this brings more attention to the other half, the “real” ads.

This setup provides an interesting looking webpage. Website publishers will probably find more creative ways to implement DVOA on their website.

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