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Are you a biology teacher, school, or school board looking to give your biology students an interesting and practical biology challenge? Consider buying your own version of Dave Volek's Food Chain.

You can give your biology students their own unique Dave Volek's Food Chain experience. The mathematical model can be altered to give different quantifiable correlations for these students to resolve. For example, the model can be adjusted to shorten or lengthen the time of plant maturation or to increase or decrease the size of foxes. Just by adjusting about 10 of the model's constants will result in a different Food Chain challenge to solve.

Such a unique Food Chain simulation will run for four years because that's the approximate duration to fully “science out*” a Food Chain puzzle. So purchasing a Food Chain License gives you four years for your biology students to learn from Food Chain.

*“Scienced out” means that beating previous high scores on a Quest becomes difficult because Food Chain fans are quite good at predicting the tropic level trends.

Starting with a new version of Food Chain, your students will be working in a more comfortable forum, competing and cooperating with fellow students. Top scores will be easy to attain at first, building confidence for new students and a challenge for future students.

When you make a Food Chain purchase, a section of Dave's server will be set aside for just for your students. The revised mathematical models will be operating under that section. There will be a separate Laboratory, Ecosystem, Quest, Hall of Fame, and Discussion. You will have a specific login page, with a list of login IDs and passwords to hand out to students.

You can get all this for about $20 a biology student. This is a very effective and inexpensive science challenge!


  • Food Chain simulation Setup: C$2900.00
  • Student Login during setup: C$6.75 each
  • Student Login after setup: C$9.75 each
  • Publishing Papers: C$45.00 each


Contact Dave Volek at dave@davevolek.org to set up your own Food Chain simulation.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. All customers in Canada will be charged the Goods & Services Tax.

When purchasing a simulation, customer will receive a four-year license that allows its students access to the simulation.

Customer will provide an expiry date for login IDs. Expiry dates should be considered to prevent graduates from still participating in the simulation.

You should still encourage students to publish Food Chain papers, which may be a suitable biology project. All papers will be published in the general FC Journal and cannot be removed after publishing. Customer will be billed after 10 papers are published.

Licensor reserves the right to add or change advertising at any time. Licensor agrees to provide suitable ads for high school students.

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