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If you find some important and useful correlations for Dave Volek's Food Chain, I encourage you to share them in a formal way with your fellow Food Chain researchers around the world. I hope that Food Chain will be your first scientific paper to build your career.

I will be accepting any reasonably written paper—even if its conclusions are wrong. I will allow a few English mistakes and a few lapses in paragraph structure. I will not be editing your papers. So get your paper critiqued by a trusted advisor before you submit to ensure your paper is of your best quality.

If English is not your first language, work with your favorite English teacher to help you make it acceptable for other readers. If your English is hard to understand, your paper will not be published.

I ask that you and your co-authors be presented in a positive light. If you wish to disagree with the findings of a previous paper, do so tactfully and with respect to the effort its authors have put into that paper.

Follow this link to our suggested format. The closer you make your paper to this format, the more likely I will accept it to be published.

By submitting a paper, the author(s) give Dave Volek Publishing the right to publish the paper on this website. Dave Volek Publishing takes no responsibility if the paper is copied and used elsewhere. If your paper is published, you cannot request that it be removed from website at a later time. Your published paper does not give you any claim to any advertising revenue from this website or the webpage it is published on.

If, in 20 years from now, a famous scientist fondly recalls his or her first scientific paper being published here, Food Chain will have proven its importance for the development of science.

Submit your paper to dave@davevolek.org in MS-WORD format.

Remember that if you are the first to find an important Food Chain correlation and do not submit it to this Journal, you can not get credit for discovering it. So take credit for the time and effort you have made to make an important Food Chain discovery by writing a scientific paper and getting recognized for that discovery. Consider writing this paper as part of your scientific training for the future.


Please note that although these papers have been approved for publishing, they may not be correct in their data, assumptions, theories, or conclusions. Each reader will decide for him- or herself to the validity of each paper.

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