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There is no doubt that Google Adsense/Adwords is the best broker for internet publishers to provide ad space for advertisers. If you want to make an impression on Food Chain fans (internationally, nationally, or locally), use a Google Adwords account (https://adwords.google.com) and select Dave Volek's Food Chain (http://davevolek.org/FoodChain) as a placement. Right now, the learning section of the FC website uses Wide Skyscraper formats (160 x 600 pixels) for advertisers to display their message.

However, Dave Volek has an intermediate term plan to offer his own custom designed advertising program, where he will deal with advertisers directly. Simply put, he will be placing a 580 x 110 ad unit in the working section (the graphs). Your ad will be on a list of 30 rotating ads to get your message to those very dedicated Food Chain fans. Please wait!

This new format will also replace the Wide Skyscraper units on the learning section of the Food Chain website, plus other sections of www.davevolek.org.

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