Facebook Annoys Me!

I am a Facebook fan of Dinosaur Provincial Park. I live about a half-hour drive from the Park, and it's a great place for locals to relax, get some fresh air, take in some nature, and even do a little camping. So I like getting occasional FB messages from the Park about what is happening there.

As of early 2014, the Park can no longer send me FB message for free. It now has to decide between:

  1. spending money on “boosting posts”,
  2. posting but knowing that only about 10% of its posts are getting through to its fans, or
  3. just forgetting about using this social networking site (SNS) as a communications tool.

Dinosaur Provincial Park is a non-profit institution under the umbrella of the Government of Alberta. Non-profits just don't think the same way as business, and a lot of non-profits won't pay good marketing money to communicate on social networking sites.

While the Park has lost a good communications tool with its fans, I too am affected. FB is losing some of its relevance to me because I am now only seeing 10% of the posts from Dinosaur Park and other FB publishers I like.

Facebook is deliberately losing one of its best featuresɌ allowing users to choose the “advertising” they want to see on their walls. Not only that, FB users' walls are now being filled up with all sorts of advertisements in which the users have no interest. This is annoying.

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